Hi, I’m Karma. I can teach you how to speak and sing with healthy vocal technique.

I teach you how to sing the style of music YOU want to sing whether its’ rock& roll, classical, country, bluegrass, pop, jazz, alternative, opera, metal, anything!

I teach Complete Vocal Technique because it is based in science which shows that all sounds, from breathy quiet to distorted screams, can be produced in a healthy way.

I have been singing and teaching all styles of music for over 20 years! I have a music degree from San Francisco Conservatory of Music and I’m an authorized Complete Vocal Technique teacher. 

Everybody Can Learn to Sing!

Mill Valley Meetup

Did you know that you use the same muscles in speaking as in singing? So unless you speak in a complete monotone like a science fiction robot, you already hear and use different pitches when you speak. In our workshops we learn more about this and explore the physical foundations of singing using anatomy, movement, breath, vocal exploration, resonance and sounds. If you’ve been afraid to sing or ‘not liked’ your voice in the past, you will see that it’s simply a learned physical task, and if you’ve sung for years you will learn something new about your voice.